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Hello world! July 6, 2010

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Welcome to our story!
We are two cute ladies on a journey of motherhood, sisterhood and life.
Join us as we share our adventures, our heartaches, joys, laughs, recipies and our little lovies.

Ashley and I (Aimee) met in church back in August 2009. At the time we were both members of the Ramona Ward, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was my first day in the ward. I looked over at her and for some reason I just felt the need to smile. And she smiled back. (Although, she was wondering, what is this strange lady smiling at me for?). Well, a few weeks later, I was in need of a sitter while I went to work, and it just so happened that Ashley was available to do it. And she had 2 boys, Caillou and Jasper,  just about the same age as my Christy and my Wesley. The first day I dropped them off and then came back to pick them up, it just seemed like we would click. We had a lot in common.
Well, for one, we are both poor. Facing homelessness, and starvation poor. I have never been in situation like this my whole life. It was an eye opener to see how life can truly be living on wellfaire and fighting for your place in life. I think having each other gives us hope. Someone to fuel the fire, or in this case, our dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” I don’t think that there has been a day that has gone by that we haven’t discussed our ideas. Our dreams. And we even act upon them. Even if we know we shouldn’t be shelling out the pennies for a new bottle of oil or another yard of fabric. Joy can be found everywhere. No matter what the situation. It is often our children that bring us great joy. Even if it is the demise of the Burger King playground, hey that was a fun night!

With our blog, we want to share our dreams and our stories. Our joys and tears of raising babies and terrible toddlers.